Concluding The Search Process

The search chair makes all arrangements for campus visits. The search committee develops the itinerary for on-campus visits and hosts the visiting candidates. On-campus interviews should provide opportunities for the candidate to meet with individuals and groups critical to the position, with Faculty Assembly and Staff Council representatives, and with faculty and staff (and students, if appropriate). The search committee should develop a format for obtaining feedback from non-committee interviewers.

It is difficult to ensure confidentiality by non-committee interviewers. Therefore, it may be advisable to schedule any internal candidates who are finalists to be the first candidate interviewed. In this way, internal candidates do not benefit from hearing information about other candidates, particularly questions to and/or answers from other candidates.

Following the completion of campus visits, the search committee reviews evaluation information, makes a recommendation to the appointing authority, and prepares the Affirmative Action/Candidate Selection Report form.


Identified & Appointed

Candidate Declines Offer

Unsuccessful Search

Unfilled Position