Internal Advancement Procedures for Non-Faculty, Exempt Professional Vacancies


The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs wishes to encourage the advancement opportunities for all of its employees. As part of this commitment, the University recognizes the need to provide advancement/promotional opportunities for current employees in a fair and equitable manner.

1.    The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs’ Internal Advancement Procedures will be available to those supervisors of exempt professional positions, excluding academic, administrative or university officer vacancies.

2.    The supervisor of the vacancy shall request that the vacancy be filled through an internal advancement process which will require, at a minimum, a campus-wide internal search.

3.    Approval of this request by the Compliance Officer, the appropriate Vice Chancellor and the Chancellor shall be required.

4.    The hiring authority will prepare a written job description and position announcement that will be reviewed by the Compliance Officer and will include minimum qualifications and salary range for the position. The position announcement must be distributed widely throughout campus and will remain open for a minimum of one week.

5.    Upon closing of the position announcement, the hiring authority in conjunction with the Compliance Officer will determine whether or not there are internal candidates who meet the minimum qualifications. If no internal candidates are identified, the position must be announced system-wide.

6.    An institutional announcement must include advertisement in the CU Silver and Gold as well as postings on the Human Resource website. The position announcement must remain open for a minimum of one week.

7.    The hiring authority will determine the nature and scope of campus interviews for all internal candidates.

8.    No verbal or written offer may be extended without a sign-off from the Compliance Officer, appropriate Vice Chancellor and the Chancellor.

9.    In the event no internal candidate is selected as a result of this internal process, the hiring authority will recommend to the appropriate Vice Chancellor and Chancellor plans for filling the vacancies and/or the recommended scope of an external search.