Leave Benefits for Classified Staff

Vacation and sick leave benefits are provided to all state classified employees in a regular appointment. Temporary state classified employees do not receive vacation and sick leave benefits. State guidelines are provided at The Department of Personnel and Administration's Leave Page . The following information is from Employee Service's Procedure's Guide on Vacation and Sick Leave:

Vacation Leave Accruals:

Years of Service*
Length of State Service in Months
Accrual per Month
Maximum Accrual
1 - 5 0 to 60 8 hours 192 hours (24 days)
6 - 10 61 to 120 10 hours 240 hours (30 days)
11 - 15 121 to 180 12 hours 288 hours (36 days)
16 - more 181 and up 14 hours 336 hours (42 days)


*The amount of leave that part-time employees earn is based on the pro-rated hours worked during the pay period month. Permanent part-time employees should be advanced to the next higher annual leave earnings rate based strictly on length of state service.

Sick Leave Accruals:

Full-time Appointment (100%)
Maximum Accrual
6.66 hours per month 360 hours


Full-time employees who work or are on paid leave for 100% of the month will receive 100% accrual for vacation and sick leave.

Part-time employees who work regular, non-fluctuating schedules earn leave on a pro-rated basis based on the number of hours worked during the month, rounded to the nearest 1/100 of an hour.

Full time or part time employees who work less than a full month* due to docks or use of unpaid leave earn leave on a pro-rated basis. Docks in pay and taking unpaid leave reduce an employee’s accrual rate. Leave is calculated by dividing the number of hours the employee worked or was on paid leave by the total number of work hours in the month. (See FORMULA below.)

*The total physical work time plus approved vacation and sick usage is less than 100% of time of their appointment for the month.

Hours worked (including paid leave) during the month divided by total number of work hours in month

140 Hours Worked In April
Divided by 176 total work hours in April
=.795454  (pro-ration factor)

In this example, an employee whose vacation leave accrual rate is 8 hours would earn 6.36 hours of vacation for the month. The same employee, whose sick leave accrual rate is 6.66 hours, would earn 5.30 of sick leave for the month (8 x .795454 = 6.36 hours vacation and 6.66 x .795454 = 5.30 hours sick leave).