Employee Separation

Please follow the steps and process that need to be followed for an employee leaving the University:

Employee Responsibilities

  1. Submit a letter of resignation/ retirement stating the last date of employment to your supervisor.
  2. Review the Checkout Procedure with your supervisor.
  3. Call Employee Services (1-855-216-7740 opt.3) for any benefits, insurance, or retirement related questions.

Supervisor Responsibilities

  1. Review Checkout Procedure with employee.
  2. Submit Employee Separation Form through Cherwell. Note: this will discontinue the employee's access to HCM/FIN/CIW. 
  3. Send original resignation letter, calculated vacation and sick balances, and notification of any time off requested for the current month to HR at hrinfo@uccs.edu.

Department HCM Community Member Responsibilities

  1. Confirm the correct last date of employment has been provided.
  2. Confirm all outstanding pay items.
  3. Enter the termination action into HCM as soon as possible, provided it does not create confidentiality issues. The effective date will be the day after the final day worked, or on paid leave. (For example, an employee who worked through 3/12/xx will have an effective date of 3/13/xx for the Termination action in HCM.)
    If the termination action cannot be entered or final pay processed (e.g., HCM is unavailable), contact an Employee Services payroll counselor. 
  4. Step-by-step guide: Terminate an employee in HCM.
  5. Provide Employee Services advance notice of the pending termination.
  6. Contact an Employee Services payroll counselor to alert payroll processors of the Term for Cause, discuss timing issues and arrange for distribution of the termination check. If you cannot provide advance notice, notify Employee Services as soon as possible.
  7. Be aware of the payroll deadline, and process any pull/cancelation requests using the normal pull/cancel process. Termination actions processed after the payroll deadline will require a pull/cancel of the employee's regular pay. In its place, a hand-drawn check with the correct information will be provided to prevent overpayment.
  8. If needed, prepare and submit a Handdrawn Warrant Request Form to Employee Services. To avoid delaying payment, the form must be correct and complete, referencing all final pay items due. Please also check the "Involuntary Separation" box at top of Handdrawn Warrant Request Form.

Please call Human Resources at (719) 255-3372 for assistance with Termination for Cause cases.