FAQ - Talent Acquisition

  • Congratulations! For University Staff, Professional Temporary, PERA or ORP Retirees please go to the HR website: http://www.uccs.edu/~hr/.
  • When the page opens, go to the “Forms & Templates” tab, then “Job Description Help & Template – Temporary and University Staff”, save to your computer and complete. The template has some things you need to consider under each heading as you complete the form.
  • We’re trying to move to more measurable minimum requirements. If possible, please have your minimum requirements fit under three categories: 1). Degree; 2). A certain number of years of experience; 3). Licensure or certification if applicable for your position
  • Also on the HR website, under the ““Talent Acquisition” tab, → Recruitment, Search, & Hire → University Staff, you can find the “University Staff Job Titles/Job Code Matrix” where you can review the job codes. You will also find other hiring information.

After the job description is completed, your support person will enter the non-person profile (NPP) in HCM and upload the job description and org. chart in HCM. This gets your request in the HR work queue. HR will review the job description, determine the correct job code and level of the position, complete the compensation analysis, and notify the department of the job code and salary range The NPP will be submitted for electronic approvals in HCM

HR will notify the department when all electronic approvals are obtained in HCM so that the position can be formatted in preparation for posting. The department will put together the search committee and if possible hold the first search committee meeting before the position is posted. This allows the committee to review the minimum qualifications to ensure that they understand and don’t have any questions about the qualifications. The appointing authority will deliver the charge and HR will provide search committee guidelines at the first meeting.
After the initial search committee meeting, if there are no questions or changes to the job description, the job will be posted for an open search.
HR is available throughout the entire search for any search committee or candidate questions.

Also on the HR website, under the ““Talent Acquisition” tab, → Recruitment, Search, & Hire → University Staff, you can find the “Search committee Checklist” to help you through the process. You will also find other search committee information.

Most jobs for University Staff and Professional Temporaries below a director level must have a priority date of two weeks, then we try to close them two weeks after the priority date so that they’re open a total of one month. If the priority date is three weeks, we’ll try to close the posting a week after that. We’d like to see a posting open for a total of one month regardless of the priority date. For postings at a director level or above, we can leave them open until filled since some of those positions may be harder to fill.