Faculty Grievances

The Faculty Relations Manager serves as a neutral, independent, informal, and private conflict management resource for UCCS faculty members. 

Areas of Responsibility

  • Provide informal assistance to any faculty member who is experiencing unresolved problems with others in the university community or those with concerns about university-related academic or administrative issues
  • Coach faculty members in strategies for managing their own conflicts
  • Foster communication as appropriate between individuals involved in a conflict
  • Mediate disputes informally
  • Conduct informal fact-finding when appropriate to better understand an issue
  • Collaborate with the Offices of Institutional Equity and Human Resources
  • Collaborate with the Provost, other Vice Chancellors, and college deans to resolve issues
  • Communicate with the Chancellor about trends in issues seen by the Faculty Relations Manager
  • Promote understanding on the campus of the role and responsibilities of the Faculty Relations position

Faculty Relations Manager

Harriet Napierkowski

Cragmor 003


Faculty Handbook