Search Waiver Process

UCCS is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce. Occasionally, a search waiver may be granted to expedite the hiring of a new faculty or university staff candidate. A search waiver is a request to "waive" the search process and to appoint an individual into an open position. Search waivers are the exception and may be requested in those situations where a person has a unique combination of education and experience necessary for an open position and there are extenuating circumstances that require the position to be filled immediately. Other examples where a search waiver might be requested might include hiring a candidate from a recently conducted search or when the position would represent a promotional opportunity for a qualified internal candidate. If the position that you are filling falls into this narrow category, you may seek a search waiver as follows: 

  • Search Waiver Request - The Department completes the Search Waiver Request, including Dean/Director signature, and submits the waiver to HR for approval and processing through the Vice Chancellor. When the Search Waiver Request has been signed by the Vice Chancellor, a copy will be returned to the Department.
  • Job Posting - The HR Liaison for the department enters the position into HCM with the "Request to Fill" information. 
  • Once the ePAR has been routed for the appropriate approvals, HR will approve the position so that it feeds to CU Careers. 
  • HR forwards the link to the Department to notify candidate to apply for the position.
  • Department submits background check for the candidate.
  • Department drafts letter of offer and sends to HR for review together with candidate's transcripts, verification of checked references, and CV/resume
  • HR routes letter of offer for signature and holds it in office for candidate's signature.