Compensation - University Staff 

Determination of Salaries

In accordance with Regent Policy, the Chancellor must approve all delegated personnel matters, including compensation. All adjustments must be within the annual spending authority established by the Board of Regents. Salary ranges must be established for new and vacant positions based on several criteria. In addition to these criteria, salaries for individuals may take into consideration other individual criteria.

Salary Adjustments

In accordance with Regent Policy, salary adjustments for equity, market, promotional title changes, and additional responsibilities (without a title change) are base building and shall be implemented on July 1. Each unit shall get the same percentage increase and the distribution of this increase to the employees shall be based on each individual employee’s evaluation. 

Pay Periods

Payday throughout the University is the last working day of the month. If the last day of the month falls on a weekend, payday is the preceding Friday.

An automatic bank deposit for paychecks is mandatory.


Compensation for Officers and Exempt Professionals Policy, UCCS Policy 300-012

Regent Policies