Annual Performance Rating - University Staff


A performance rating derived from the evaluation process is a five to one (5-1) point summary rating defined as follows:

5 - Outstanding Far exceeds performance expectations on a consistent and uniform basis. Work is of exceptional quality in all essential areas of responsibility. In addition, makes an exceptional or unique contribution in achievement of unit, department, and University objectives

4 - Exceeding Expectations Always achieves performance expectations and frequently exceeds them. Demonstrates performance of a very high level of quality in all areas of responsibility.

3 - Meeting Expectations Consistently fulfills performance expectations and periodically may exceed them. Work is of high quality in all significant areas of responsibility.

2 - Below Expectations Fails to meet expectations in one or two of the significant/ essential position requirements and improvement is needed in these areas.

1- Fails to Meet Expectations Fails to meet expectations in more than two of the significant/ essential position requirements and improvement is needed in most aspects of position.

Under the Colorado Open Records Act, performance ratings are public documents.

Supporting documents used in the evaluation process and as a justification for the rating are not considered public records.

If applicable, the performance plan and evaluation of officers and university staff who supervise other staff, including classified staff, shall include a criterion or factor for the completion of annual performance evaluations of supervised employees.

Due Dates: See Regent Law: Article 11: Compensation, Benefits, and Other Personnel MattersAdministrative Policy Statement 5009 - Performance Ratings for University Staff and Annual Performance Rating - University Staff for more information.

  • January 31st: Evaluation period ends for the plan year (February 1st - January 31st).
  • March 1: The original Annual Performance Rating Form must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources. The supervisor's supervisor should review the Rating Form before it is shared with the employee.
  • April 1: A new performance plan must be completed for the next evaluation cycle.