There are no tours scheduled for 2014.

UCCS Honors Program Travels!

As an honors program, we believe in the importance of international travel. Students increase the breadth of their cultural knowledge when they travel abroad. UCCS Honors has sponsored several trips in the past which include China, Spain, Turkey, and Greece. EF Educational Tours, Inc. is the tour company that UCCS Honors uses for international trips. The trip fee through EF includes: round trip airfare, all ground transportation, hotel stays, most meals, an in-country tour guide, and students can purchase insurance through EF if necessary. The UCCS Honors Program works with EF because of the ease of planning and its "all-inclusive" nature, but EF also institutes academic learning in their tours through the in-country tour guide and the historic sites visited. UCCS works with participating travelers to review university policies and safety measures.

In an effort to increase student participation in travel, we are partnering with EF to give students the opportunity to complete an international service-learning trip in the Dominican Republic.