2019 academic year:

Honors Program provides the following engagement opportunities to students: 

Honors Program Gray Matters Movies 6:30-10pm Dates (Attendance required/Engagement Event):

  • Same Movie: attend Wed Feb 6 or Friday Feb 8
  • Same Movie: attend Wed March 6 or Friday March 1st
  • Same Movie: attend Wed April 3 or Friday April 5th

Honors Program Faculty Meetings: Feb 15, March 15, April 5: 11:30-1pm, ENG 180

Honors Program Gray Matters and Complex Systems Seminars (Attendance required/ Engagement Event): Feb 15 (2-4pm), March 15 (4-6pm) ACAD 4th floor.

Honors Program Volunteering Symposium (Attendance Required/Engagement Event): April 26, from 9am-1pm (RMFI site).

Graduation Ceremony (by invitation): April 12, 1-5pm.

Incoming Freshman: Cohort 2019 event (by invitation): Face-to-face interview (ACAD 4th floor; 1-3:30pm)

Honors Program Events Spring 2019