2018-19 academic year:

Honors Program provides the following engagement opportunities to students: A total of about 9-10 events are planned per year.

Please block these times in your calendar as applicable.

  1. Honors Program Fall 2018 Graduation (1-5pm, Nov 9th, 2018).
  2. Honors Program Spring Graduation (1-5pm, April 19th, 2018).

    General Notes: Above two events limited to UCCS Honors Program Graduating students and their parents. All Honors Program intent to graduate forms are due with Ms. Carol Pina by October 15th for Fall graduation, and Feb 15th for Spring Graduation. Parents and friends welcome to attend, please contact Honors Program for further advise.

Four Honors Program Mandatory events for Cohorts 2017 and later (All cohorts are welcome to attend and help us create Honors Program Community)

  • Welcome back (all cohorts invited): Sept 7th 2018, 4-6pm: ACAD#402, lobby and Balcony,
  • Honors Program Fall Gray Matters Film Festival, (all cohorts invited) October 5-7, venue tbd possibly ENT Chapman Recital Hall
  • Honors Program Volunteering Symposium (all cohorts invited) (Feb 15th, 2019, 1-5pm, place: tbd)
  • Honors Program Spring Gray Matters Film Festival, (all cohorts invited) March/April, dates/venue tbd.

Final selection: Honors Program Cohort 2019: Face-to-Face Interview for final selection of Honors Program cohort 2019 students. (scheduled: March 8, 2019).

Planned Honors Program Portfolio Faculty Mentors Meeting: Informal Meeting Fall/Spring dates/Venues tbd (open to students) – please check in for exact dates.

Honors Program Faculty Meetings: Three per semester (Sept/Oct/Nov) (Feb/March/April) – closed to students.

Honors Program Events 2018-19