Honors Program Application

Thank you for your interest in the UCCS Honors Program! To be considered for the Honors Program you must first apply for admission to UCCS. 

Applying to UCCS Honors Program as an incoming Freshmen:  
The UCCS Honors Program offers a scholarship and all applications are accepted and managed by the UCCS Scholarship office. Students joining UCCS as first year, who are also interested in being part of the UCCS Honors Program and receiving a scholarship, must complete an on-line scholarship application. Usually Scholarship portals opens on Dec 1st, and UCCS Honors Program Scholarship applications are only accepted through the UCCS Scholarship portal (https://www.uccs.edu/finaid/types-of-aid/scholarships). Please contact UCCS Scholarship Office for deadlines and details. 

Once the deadline for accepting applications is over, the UCCS Honors Program Admission committee reviews these applications, and invites around 30-35 students for a face to face interview (usually in March 1st or second week) for making a final selection of about 25-30 students who are invited to join the UCCS Honors Program cohort starting Fall. The UCCS Honors Program is curriculum-based, focused on study of Gray Matters and Complex Systems, please review the criteria for your Cohort year at https://www.uccs.edu/honors/ and hover on cohorts-tab. 

All honors students are eligible for Honors benefits, including access to the Honors Lounge in Library 231, participation in the annual Honors off-site Honors Student Symposium, early registration, and enhanced library check-out privileges, and recognition at UCCS graduation and on UCCS transcripts. If you wish to apply to the UCCS honors program, please log into the UCCS Scholarship Application.

The UCCS Honors Program Policy 03-10-2017 for Transfer students:
Up to five students, who did not qualify for an Honors Program scholarship based on standard criteria in place, or who are incoming or transfer students, may be admitted into the Honors Program in Fall of each year. The deadline to apply will be April 15th every year. The Honors Program will need their GPA, and a statement as to why the student wants to be part of the Honors Program without the scholarship. Based on the recommendation of the Honors Program Admissions Committee, which will be binding, the Honors Program will inform these students by July 1st of the final decision. Please review the criteria for your Cohort year at https://www.uccs.edu/honors/ and hover on cohorts. If you qualify, then contact UCCS Honors Program Administrative assistant, Associate Director/Director, Honors Program for further instructions to submit the paperwork for consideration by April 15th for the Fall semester. Student must be willing and able to satisfy the curriculum requirements for their cohort year. Instead of GPS 1010 (Gray Matters) which is reserved for incoming freshman class, transfer students will enroll in GPS 3010 (Gray Matters) in Fall semester to satisfy. GPS 3010 (Gray Matters) co-meets with GPS 1010 (Gray Matters).  
If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact: Carol Pina  UCCS Honors Program (cpina@uccs.edu) (719-255-8039).