2016 Cohort

2016 Honors Cohort

University Honors Requirements
Required cumulative 3.75 GPA

GPS 1010 - Gray Matters (Honors Section)
Honors COMM 2100 (Public Speaking) OR
COMM 1440 (Foundations of Leadership)
Two Honors Designated or Dedicated Courses
ID 4950 - Honors Thesis Seminar

Mountain Lion Honors Requirements
Required cumulative 3.50 GPA

GPS 1010 - Gray Matters (Honors Section)
Honors COMM 2100 (Public Speaking) OR
COMM 1440 (Foundations of Leadership)
UCCSlead (Transformative Level)*
Senior Seminar in Student's Major

UCCSlead Transformative Certificate Requirements:

  • Two Modules of Training
  • 1 Upper Division Academic Course in Leadership
  • 8 Hours of Community Service**

**Volunteer hours (8) are a requirement of the fall 2016 cohort (anyone enrolled in Gray Matters for fall 2016). These hours coincide with the requirements for the UCCSlead Program as required by the honors program. You can upload your hours via the link in Mountain Lion Connect: https://orgsync.com/96954/forms/138526.

Designated Honors Courses:

Students who are enrolled in the University Honors Program are required to take 6 hours of Honors Designated or Honors Dedicated coursework. Since there are very few Honors Dedicated courses (i.e. courses that only enroll Honors students) most students opt to take Honors Designated courses. In an Honors Designated course a student works with a faculty member to identify additional work they can do that goes above and beyond the standard course requirements. There are many different ways to approach this depending on the discipline. In the past, students have written essays, collaborated on research, served as a tutor or lab assistant for others in class, developed their own creative work or completed more complex work product. There is no one model that fits for all courses so we ask the instructor and student to complete a contract that is turned in to the Associate Director of the Honors Program, Carrie Arnold. One final point of note: the work agreed upon to "designate" the course for Honors should not be factored into the final grade awarded to the student. You will still grade the student based on their completion of the course assignments required of all others, but you will provide an additional pass/fail acknowledgement in regard to the additional work both you and the student have contracted. 

Honors Designated Contract

Honors Intent to Graduate Form