Michael Paul Martoccio, Ph.D.

Michael Martoccio

Michael Paul Martoccio, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of History

COLU 2053

Office Hours :

Tuesdays 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Michael Paul Martoccio (Ph.D. Northwestern, 2015) is a historian of late medieval/Renaissance Italy. His work intersects history, economics, and political science to examine inter-urban military and economic cooperation. In particular, he is interested in how Renaissance Italians built durable financial networks, legal institutions, and ethical discourses to prevent or limit international violence.

Areas of Interest

Michael's first book, Leviathan for Sale, examines the market for city-states: the practice of late medieval/Renaissance Italian cities buying and selling neighboring towns and castles within Italy and across the Mediterranean. Often remembered as a time of endemic war, the centuries from 1300-1500 also witnessed a flourishing trade in land and people. None bought city-states more aggressively than Florence and Venice, whose merchants and politicians spent millions of florins, ducats, and dirhams buying nearby communities. Drawing upon original financial data from sixteen Florentine and Venetian acquisitions alongside diaries, written and visual artistic production, and civic rituals, Leviathan for Sale exposes how the politics, economics, and culture of the Renaissance owed as much to the lands Italian cities bought as it did the wars they fought

His research has been supported by fellowships and grants from the Mellon Foundation, the Newberry Library, the Renaissance Society of America, the Center for Historical Research at The Ohio State University, and the Nicholas D. Chabraja Center for Historical Studies at Northwestern University. He has published in The Journal of Interdisciplinary History and has two essays appearing in upcoming volumes published by Cambridge University Press and the University of Toronto Press.

Michael teaches introductory courses in medieval/early modern European and Mediterranean history. His advanced seminars explore a variety of themes on the military history, urban life, and economic culture of Europe and the Mediterranean.

See more of Michael's research and teaching: https://www.michaelpaulmartoccio.com/


Michael holds a Ph.D. in History from Northwestern University with a minor specialization in International Relations, an M.A. in History from Northwestern University, and a B.A. in History and Medieval Renaissance Studies from Duke University (magna cum laude).

Courses Taught

Fall 2017

  • HIST 1020: Medieval World
  • HIST 4990: Honors
  • HIST 6690: Graduate Readings in Early Modern History

Spring 2018

  • HIST 1030: Rise of Modern Europe, 1500-1815
  • HIST 3000: Women at War (1000-1800)
  • HIST 7690: Graduate Research in Early Modern History