Writing Center Consultants

UCCS Writing Center Consultants are experienced, knowledgeable, and accomplished writers who are committed to helping students
succeed. A student must complete the following items prior to being hired:

  • Take English 4800/5800 which includes writing center theory and practices
  • Spend a required amount of observation hours 
  • Be observed in consultation with students 

UCCS history graduate student statements:

"Working at the Writing Center gives consultants a chance to not only help other students from across the disciplines with what they are working on at that moment, but also to work with them individually to become better all around writers and students. As a Writing Center Consultant you see students from every discipline on campus and as many styles of writing. We rarely edit, which is what most people want --and what is easier for us too. Instead we work with ideas and how to make them clear. Being able to help a frustrated student not only find their voice but also succeed in writing, whatever that may be, is really quite amazing."

Amanda King-Ndaya, 2011- Writing Center Consultant, currently a second-year graduate student

"Being a Writing Center Consultant has numerous challenges, especially explaining to students that consultants are only a resource. We cannot magically fix student's writing, research, and thinking. Yet there are also immense rewards. As a consultant, you get to see the progress of a student's writing from an early stage to the final product with the student realising that s/he made it there fundamentally on her/his own. I always tell students my goal is to make myself useless to them. I want to help them to that point where they just take off on their own and can answer their own questions and make their own choices."

John Marsland, 2009-2012 Writing Center Consultant, 2012 Outstanding Undergraduate History student, current PhD student in the Department of History (Modern Europe) at SUNY-University at Buffalo

"For two years, I worked as a consultant in the Writing Center at UCCS, and I can say with great conviction that it was one on of the best experiences that I encountered during my time at the school. Working in the Writing Center opened me up to several opportunities which I would not have had the occasion to experience otherwise. As a consultant, I was able to work closely with students from the History Department, and indeed from disciplines throughout the school. This access allowed me to become familiar with many different assignments, and many different styles of writing. Additionally, I was fortunate in that I was selected to work as a 'Writing Fellow' in several History courses. This further allowed me to work with students on their writing skills, as well as allowed me to work closely with professors on their assigned writing projects."

Beau Driver, 2010-2012 Writing Center Consultant, current PhD student in the Department of History at CU-Boulder (Modern US History)

For more information, please call the UCCS Writing Center at 719-255-4336 or go to the website: www.uccs.edu/writingcenter/