Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis to currently enrolled UCCS graduate students in the Department of History. Typically, there are limited numbers of assistantships available. There will be an announcement circulated at the beginning of each academic year for interested students. The following information must be provided in response to the call.

UCCS History Department Teaching Assistantship (TA) Policy and Guidelines


TA Application





Number of History graduate courses completed to date: ___________


GPA (grad. Courses only) to date: __________


Circle your subject matter preference: Preference for: US Western Civ        Asian           Latin American            Middle East


Times you are available:        Mornings           Afternoons          Evenings


Class days available: ________M, W ________T,R


Or single days: M T W R        F (circle one or more days)


Optional question:

How might the experience of being a teaching assistant contribute to your professional growth?



For further information, please contact Dept. Program Assistant, Ian Smith at ismith2@uccs.edu