Joe Berg at 4th Infantry MuseumClick below for information on Internships for M.A. Students through the UCCS History Department.  


Pictured at right: Joe Berg, M.A. Student, working as an Intern at the 4th Infantry Museum, Ft. Carson, Spring 2015.

Each year the Department offers graduate students the opportunities to do internships for academic credit, through taking History 6995. Recently, students in this course have done important work at the Pioneers Museum, the Archives of the U.S. Olympics Committee, the Western Museum of Mining and Industry, the Air Force Academy, the UCCS Archives, and other locations. Students in these courses fill the requirement of performing 104 hours of work at a local public history institution. These are invaluable additions to your regular academic training, and provide the kinds of experience for which future employers will be looking. Click on the link above for more information for both graduate and undergraduate internships.