Department of History

Graduate Faculty and Fields of Study

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Dr. Samantha Christiansen

Dr. Brian Duvick 
Ancient History (Greco Roman)    

Dr. Paul Harvey  
United States History   

Dr. Bernice Forrest 
United States History, 1865-1980 
Social & Intellectual History 
Native American Ethnohistory   

Dr. Christina Jiménez 
Latin American History 
Mexican History 
Comparative History of City and Citizenship   

Dr. Roger Martinez:  (on research leave 2015 - 2018)
Medieval European History 
Early Modern European History
Medieval Global History

Dr. Rob Sackett  
Modern European History 
German History 
History of Holocaust 
Genocide & Oppression 
History and Arts, Literature, and Film   

Dr. Yang Wei  
East Asian History   

Dr. Carole Woodall   
Modern Middle East History 
Late-Ottoman and Turkish Republican History