Department of History

Charles Dusch

Charles Dusch, Ph.D.


Department of History

COLU 2040

Dr. Charles D. Dusch, Jr. is Acting Command Historian of the U.S. Air Force Academy where he teaches World, Military, Civil War, and Air Power history.  Dr. Dusch also teaches Military History at UCCS. He has published for the Institute of National Security Studies, the Journal of Military History, the Journal of West Virginia History, Airman Scholar, The International Journal of Naval History and Proceedings. He is preparing a book manuscript, "A Son to Be Proud of Indeed:" the Transnational Creation and Commemoration of a Great War Pursuit Pilot. He is a retired Air Force Weapon Systems Officer with over 2,000 hours in RF-4C and F-15E aircraft, including 28 combat missions over Iraq and Bosnia.