Asian Studies Minor


Asian Studies Minor


The Asian Studies program serves as a base and resource for those engaged or interested in the study of Asian cultures, languages, or thought at UCCS. Through our research, teaching, and service, we aim to facilitate and expand comprehension and appreciation of Asian artistry, culture, geography, history, philosophy, and politics. As an intellectual community, we construe the concepts of “Asia” and “Asian diaspora” broadly and critically, opening the program to a wide variety of cultural perspectives while also emphasizing the need for awareness of the differences among the regions of the continent, as well as the roughly 4.5 billion people who live there.

Why Minor?

With our program, students can engage in a variety of ways with the world’s most populous and diverse continent through art, history, language, philosophy, religion, politics, geography, and culture to name just a few fields of study. Consequently, this interdisciplinary minor provides students with the opportunity to study a broad range of topics, cultivating a skillset and global awareness critical for government employment, internationally oriented business, journalism, law, and teaching among other careers.

Requirements for Minor

At least 18 credit hours of coursework total, with a minimum of 9 credit hours of said course work being upper division (3000+ level). Students must complete at least one course in three of four areas of study: History/Geography of Asia, Philosophy/Religion of Asia, Asia in Modernity, and Languages of Asia. No more than 10 credit hours from a single department can count toward the minor. Students must earn at least a C grade in each course taken toward the minor. Courses taken pass/fail cannot count toward the minor. For completion of the minor, students will submit a portfolio of papers or projects from relevant courses to the director, as well as a reflection statement elaborating how their coursework has provided a broader understanding of Asian history, geography, and culture broadly construed.

Current Course List (listed by area of study and alphabetically by department) *

Area 1: History/Geography of Asia

  • HIST 1120 - Asian History: The Indian Subcontinent
  • HIST 1130 - Asian History: China
  • HIST 1140 - Asian History: Japan
  • HIST 4730 - Early China
  • HIST 4760 - Shoguns, Samurai and Seppuku

Area 2: Philosophies/Religions of Asia

  • AH 4470 - Art and Ritual of the South Pacific
  • PHIL 1300 - Introduction to Philosophies of Asia
  • PHIL 3100 - World Religions
  • PHIL 3490 - Philosophies of China
  • PHIL 3500 - Buddhist Philosophy
  • PHIL 3690 - Islamic Philosophy

Area 3: Asia in Modernity

  • AH 3450 - Art of Japan
  • AH 3460 - Islamic Arts
  • ENGL 2610 - Literature: The Global Perspective II
  • HIST 1135 - Contemporary China
  • HIST 3130 - Traditions and Transformations: China to 1800
  • HIST 3890 - History of Colonial India
  • HIST 3980 - The Vietnam War Through Film
  • HIST 4710 - Asian American History
  • HIST 4740 - Modern China
  • HIST 4750 - Modern Japan
  • HIST 4770 - Vietnam and the Global Sixties
  • SOC/WEST/HIST 3280 - Asian American Communities

Area 4: Languages of Asia

  • ARBC 1010 - Beginning Arabic I
  • ARBC 1020 - Beginning Arabic II
  • CHIN 1010 - Beginning Mandarin Chinese I
  • CHIN 1020 - Beginning Mandarin Chinese II
  • JPNS 1010 - Beginning Japanese I
  • JPNS 1020 - Beginning Japanese II
  • JPNS 2110 - Intermediate Japanese I
  • JPNS 2120 - Intermediate Japanese II
  • JPNS 3000 - Advanced Japanese I
  • JPNS 3010 - Advanced Japanese II
  • JPNS 3200 - Japanese Culture and Civilization
  • JPNS 3210 - Special Topics in Japanese

Language Requirement: Optional

students are encouraged to take courses in the study of a relevant language but are not required to complete any language proficiency to earn the minor. The following language courses can count toward the minor.

*This list only includes courses that are currently catalogued as being regularly taught at UCCS with an explicit and substantial focus on Asia. Other courses may apply for credit. In such cases, a petition to the director of the minor is required and will be approved on a case-by-case basis. Alternatively, instructors may petition for approval for an unlisted course on a semesterly basis.