752 Days with artist Jansen Howard ‘18


Exhibit Opening at the Heller Center Studio:  Friday, March 2 * 6-9pm 

Taking the personal intimacy of motherhood and expressing it in a visual manner. Opening Reception and Artists' Talk: Friday, March 2 * 6-9PM (Talk at 7PM)

Exhibit also open:
Saturday/Sunday March 3-4 * 1-4PM

Event is free.
Light refreshments will be served.

Heller Center for Arts & Humanities
1250 N. Campus Heights Drive
½ mile off N. Nevada Ave, across from Trader Joe’s
Driving path is in the back corner of the lot. Construction in lot. Please follow signs.


This event is co-sponsored by the UCCS Department of Visual and Performing Arts.

Additional information regarding exhibit and artist:

About 752 Days:  This show is a series of drawings that I have made in response to my breastfeeding relationship with my daughter.  They span the past two years and portray the intimate relationship we have shared since her birth.  It is about taking the personal intimacy of motherhood and expressing it in a visual manner, giving it the ability to be attainable for each individual viewer. 

About the artist:    Jansen Howard is a Colorado native, living and working in Colorado Springs, and is currently completing her undergraduate degree through University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in visual arts.  Although emphasizing in sculpture and installation, she enjoys working in two-dimensional formats as well.  Jansen has exhibited her work in numerous group shows and has completed several volunteer community projects. 

Artist Statement:  Creating is my life-force, the place residing within the depths of my soul that serves as a means to understanding and interacting with the world around me.  This place is from which 752 Days arises.  A pure, primal love transformed into a sharable, tangible representation.  Breastfeeding has been the most magical and rewarding chapter of my life.  Through all the trials and tribulations of single motherhood, my breastfeeding relationship is the pinnacle at which the storm subsides and everything is in its rightful place.  The incredible bond of a breastfeeding relationship is something that is indescribable through mere words. It is for this reason that the expression of this love has come pouring out of me and into this series of drawings.  Through the use of highly saturated colors and selective composition, I create a doorway through which the viewer can enter this private corner of my life.  It is my hope that this series captivates the viewer and takes them on a journey through my 752 days of breastfeeding in a relatable and playful manner. 


Facebook:            https://www.facebook.com/jansenhowardart/
Instagram:          @jansenshowardart