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Relaxing at home with Friends
Relaxing at home with friends

He created propaganda posters for the Army Air Corps during World War II, some of which are currently housed at the Chicago Art Institute. Other pieces hang at the Broadmoor Hotel. Distancing himself from the Broadmoor set, Heller began digging adobe for construction of his house below Eagle Rock in 1936.

"Heller's background would have easily given him entre into local high society. But he was too much in love with play-acting the sporting life and his ideas of the Wild West to want to rejoin a stuffy elite, affecting Eastern manners. Heller's move to the then-unpopulated northern outskirts of Colorado Springs was a not-so-subtle statement of defiance against the more staid bourgeois society surrounding the Broadmoor Academy and, later, the Fine Arts Center." (Colorado Springs Independent, "The Great Gatsbys of Yawn Valley," December 12, 2002)