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Co-located with the Veterans Health and Trauma Center (VHTC), Mind 1 Assessment and Treatment Clinic is a collaborative brain health center that supports the unique mental health capabilities of the VHTC with state-of-the-art traumatic stress brain care. Our mission is to promote the wellness and brain health of our military and civilian communities by providing neuropsychological services and research opportunities for individuals who have experienced cognitive changes from PTSD or TBI.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Often called the signature injury of Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom, mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI, also described as a concussion) is a disruption of brain functioning caused by some force– including blows to the head or pressure waves from explosions. If you lost consciousness, felt confused or disoriented, or “saw stars” after a blow to the head or blast exposure, you may have experienced an mTBI.

While most of the initial symptoms of concussion or mTBI typically resolve within a few weeks after the injury, sometimes lingering cognitive problems— like difficulty paying attention or remembering—can persist.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a group of symptoms that may develop after you are exposed to extreme stress (such as combat, serious injury, domestic or sexual violence, or a natural disaster).

Among veterans and service members, both PTSD and TBI can occur from the same event. Many of the symptoms are similar, and it can be difficult to tell which condition you are experiencing. Both PTSD and TBI can affect cognitive functioning, including problems with memory and attention.

What if I am having memory trouble after mTBI or PTSD?

Careful and thorough evaluation by a neuropsychologist may be a helpful first step in addressing memory problems. Neuropsychological assessment provides a valuable indication of how well your brain is functioning. It can clarify the severity of memory and attention problems; identify possible contributing factors; and provide recommendations for appropriate services. For individuals who are experiencing significant, lingering memory and attention problems, cognitive rehabilitation is an attractive possibility. Mind 1 is currently involved in research to examine the effectiveness of specific cognitive rehabilitation techniques.

Neuropsychological Services

Mind 1 takes a holistic, integrated approach to brain health that combines individualized neuropsychological assessment, brain health education, and collaborative care:

    • Neuropsychological Consultation/Concussion Management
    • Comprehensive Neuropsychological Assessment
    • Brain health education-based group treatment option

Individualized, Collaborative Care

Individualized: Assessment protocols and treatment recommendations are uniquely tailored to meet each individual’s needs

Collaborative: Our location at the UCCS Lane Center for Academic Health Sciences and co-location with the Veterans Health and Trauma Clinic allows for collaboration with mental health and other Lane Center providers to more effectively manage stress/anxiety/depression & trauma recovery.

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