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Workplace Wellness

At the UCCS HealthCircle, we believe individuals and organizations achieve their best when they work together, sharing insights, expertise and support. We believe partnering to give health a place in the workplace drives healthy outcomes for our people, our companies, and our community. Building on these beliefs, UCCS HealthCircle provides Wellness Programs tailored to meet specific workplace needs.

UCCS HealthCircle Clinics Worksite Wellness Program for Kirkpatrick Bank

UCCS HealthCircle Clinics and Kirkpatrick Bank have collaborated to provide an innovative health partnership. UCCS provides expert clinicians, Lane Center facilities, and programs that focus on holistic health education, assessment-driven programming, support for behavior change, and a variety of types of engagement opportunities.

Kirkpatrick Bank is the first Colorado Springs company to contract for these services at the new Lane Center and as such is leading the way in encouraging a health focus for their employees that has achieved many benefits.

To find out how your company can benefit from working with the UCCS HealthCircle for Worksite Wellness Programming, call 719-255-8120 or contact us using the form on the right.

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