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Keeping New Year's Resolutions

A lot of people make resolutions - maybe you have too. There is good news and bad news about NY's Resolutions.

  • The Good News is that people who make resolutions are 10 times more likely to change behavior than THOSE who don’t
  • The Bad News is that 60% drop the resolutions within 6 months, if not sooner

So, what can you do to increase your chances for success so that this June or July you are not dropping the resolutions you made?

Many resolutions revolve around:

  • Getting more exercise
  • Eating healthy
  • Managing time and stress and
  • Getting a physical

GOAL-SETTING the HealthCircle Way

When any of us sets goals, we know that we are supposed to set 'S.M.A.R.T.' goals. 'SMART' means being specific about what you want and having those goals be realistic too. This is the approach we have at the HealthCircle.

CHANGE your MINDSET, not just your body!

A lot of people think lifestyle change is about the body; but, it's actually about changing your MINDSET. Essentially, you need to REWIRE YOUR BRAIN.

  • Think of your goals as something you get to do rather than something you have to do – this really works!
  • Make your goals meaningful and find ways to notice subtle changes in how you feel until you can see results.
  • State your goals in positive terms, and —
  • TELL at least 2 people what your goals are. This helps you get the support you need to follow through!

The first thing to do is to start small. Try to avoid large sweeping changes. Remember, change is like a dance. There WILL be resistance to change. When we change a "dance step," our dance partners must change as well. People who are important to you or people you are responsible for may not have the same goals you have. They may not want you to give up their experience with you like taking a break for a smoke, eating fried foods, or binge-watching favorite TV shows. Sometimes when you are beginning a change, you need support from those outside your circle of family and friends.

At the HealthCircle at the Lane Center, there are well-trained professionals who can help you design a plan for success. The HealthCircle experience is not one size fits all. It is personalized. The HealthCircle is called a 'circle' because our staff has expertise in fitness, nutrition, and medicine; AND – we work with you to help you succeed.

To make your resolutions stick, add 'P.S.S.' to the S.M.A.R.T. acronym.

  • State your goals POSITIVELY
  • Make them Salient (meaningful)
  • Get Support from at least 2 people

Finally — "If you slip up, don’t give up!" Untwist your thinking from all-or-none thinking and CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESSES, even the small ones! If you are really serious about succeeding with your New Year’s Resolutions, give yourself the GIFT of coming to the HealthCircle clinics at the Lane Center to get support for your aspirations.

We have:

Start anywhere and we’ll help you stay the course!

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