Center for Active Living

The Center for Active Living helps you create a lifestyle that includes physical activity. We begin with conversations about how you live and design a program that you can do long-term in your real world, everyday life.

Services Offered

  • Group exercise. The Center for Active Living provides personal training services and group exercise classes to adults.
  • Enhanced fitness. For those who already value the benefits of physical activity but have specific goals, the center offers specialized programs.
  • Chronic disease management. Regular exercise, in conjunction with other medical service providers, tailored to improve health.


“The staff at the Center for Active Living don't just tell me what I should do: they asks me what my goals are and what I like and don't like to do in terms of fitness. They are real people and seem to value me as a real person; together we are a team for my health and fitness. I like their enthusiasm, energy, positive yet sincere feedback, timeliness, and "extras" they provide, like videos of how to do my workouts.”
“Tina always impresses us with her enthusiasm, commitment and dedication. She is a strong motivator and has a deep concern to making a difference in helping people lead more active lives.”
“They engage me with enthusiasm and sparkle as well as knowledge and skill. I appreciate being guided toward health a step at a time, building from what I can do to what I want to be able to do!”
“I loved Michelle's approach with our group. She analyzed each individual's weakness and modified exercises for each of us. I learned some new techniques and exercises that will help me not only with golf but with daily activities in general. I look forward to working with her again.”
“I loved learning many new golf warm-up and conditioning exercises and stretches, and how to strengthen my core. Even with 5 of us in the class, we all received lots of individualized attention and instruction. Michelle was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks so much Michelle!”

PWR - Parkinson Wellness Recovery

Power Moves Group Exercise Class
Power Moves group exercise classes emphasize learning what optimal function feels like so you learn to move bigger and faster in your everyday life. You are then challenged both physically and cognitively so that you use it and improve it.

Where: Lane Center for Academic Health Sciences, 4863 N. Nevada Ave
Center for Active Living, 1st Floor, Room 128
When: Starts Tuesday Feb. 8th & Thursday Feb. 11th from 10:00 am & 5:30 pm
**Additional days and times will be added if initial classes fill to capacity
Fees: $60.00 per month to attend 2 classes a week
Register: call 255-8120

Balance & Agility Class

Join this evidence-based program that helps to improve your balance and mobility. This class is taught by certified instructors and includes a pre- and post-assessment.

Where: Lane Center for Academic Health Sciences, 4863 N. Nevada Ave
Center for Active Living, 1st Floor, Room 128
When: Mondays at 5:30pm (beginning 2/8/16); Wednesdays at 10:00am (beginning 2/10/16)
Fees: $60.00 per month
Register: call 255-8120

Paige Whitney, MSc

Wendy Hopkins, MSc, NASM CES, CPT

Emily Drapeau-Medical Receptionist

Nicole Caduff-Clinical Practice Manager


General Notice to Participants of Risk/Waiver of Responsibility (DOCX)

Notice of Privacy Practices (PDF)

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Payment Options

Personal checks and credit cards are accepted with monthly billing options available.


Insurance is not accepted.


4863 North Nevada Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80918