Job Opportunities

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  • UCCS Oral Communication Center is hiring an Administrative Assistant [Posted: 4/1]
  • UCCS Downtown is hiring a Student Coordinator [Posted:4/11]
  • UCCS College of Business is hiring a Career Development Assistant [Posted: 4/23]
  • Air Force Academy Athletics is hiring a Ticket Sales Intern [Posted: 4/26]
  • UCCS College of Education is hiring a Student Mentor for the Office of Inclusive Services [Posted: 5/6]
  • UCCSlead Program and The Chancellor's Leadership Class is hiring a Program Coordinator [Posted: 5/8]
  • UCCS Career Center is hiring a Student Assistant [Posted 5/16]

*last updated 05/20/2019

On-campus and off-campus opportunities are available that can enhance your education and transferable work skills while assisting you in paying for graduate school.  Prospective students can access SEAN with a Guest Access.