Job Opportunities

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  • UCCS Student Success is hiring a Student Finance Assistant [Posted: 7/19] 
  • UCCS is hiring an Academic Support Technician [Posted: 7/19] 
  • UCCS Office of Research is hiring a Student Assistant [Posted: 7/23] 
  • UCCS College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences is hiring a Teaching Assistant [Posted: 7/30] 
  • UCCS College of Engineering is hiring a Dean's Office Assistant [Posted: 7/24] 
  • UCCS College of Business is hiring a Student Assistant [Posted: 8/7] 
  • UCCS College of Education is hiring a Student Assistant for Finance & Human Resources [Posted: 8/19] 
  • UCCS Academic Advising is hiring a Graduate Advising Assistant [Posted: 8/19] 

*last updated 08/19/2019

On-campus and off-campus opportunities are available that can enhance your education and transferable work skills while assisting you in paying for graduate school.  Prospective students can access SEAN with a Guest Access.