James Vedral

[IMAGE] James Vedral

James Vedral

College of Engineering and Applied Science

Applied Science: Physics (PhD)

The UCCS Applied Science: Physics PhD program is rigorous and has provided me with not only a greater understanding of the physical world but also greater time management skills. It has given me the skills needed as a researcher and let me make connections with local businesses and led me to my current employment at USAFA. Most of all the graduate program taught me how coffee is a life sustaining force that must be considered a core part in any graduate students diet at all times of the day.

I grew up in Woodland Park, CO and work for the Electrical Engineering Department at the United States Air Force Academy as a researcher. As for extracurricular activities, there is a saying about physics grad students: They know what is behind every door in the lab except the one marked exit.  This is very true at UCCS.  Actually though, I enjoy playing with my dogs, playing video games, and going on bike rides with my wife.