Graduating This Semester?

UCCS is committed to helping you through the process of graduation. Please make sure to follow the steps below and submit documents by the posted deadlines to ensure that you are able to graduate during your intended term.



Steps to Graduate

1. Students must contact their program to determine which requirements remain for graduation, as well as complete any paperwork required by their school/college.
2. Students must complete and submit an application for admission to candidacy by the specified deadline.
3. Students must apply for graduation using the online diploma card in the student portal.
4. If you would like to participate in the commencement ceremony (optional), please register at the commencement website. You can also find other information about the ceremony here: //


Deadlines for graduation are very important. If you miss a deadline you may not be able to graduate in your intended term.  

Graduation Forms

Request to Participate in Commencement Form
  (Use to participate in ceremony when not yet eligible for graduation)