The Gateway Program Seminar (GPS) is a three or four credit, required course for freshmen at UCCS. It is the first course in the Compass Curriculum and introduces students to the educational aims of this general education curriculum. The delivery of this course includes best practices related to welcoming and helping freshmen make successful adjustments to the university.

There are four primary components of the GPS course including:

  • an interdisciplinary exploration of a course topic,
  • the intentional development of key academic skills,
  • linkage with university services, and
  • collaborative involvement with faculty and peers.

GPS Student Learning Outcomes

Completing the Gateway Program Seminar course, UCCS students will be able to:

  • Describe why a university education is important in the pursuit of personal and professional goals.
  • Act as a responsible, ethical college student through the use of intellectual curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, analytical reading, and listening skills
  • Act as a civil and responsible university citizen through the development of necessary civic, ethical, and social competencies.
  • Develop the self-advocacy skills to access personal, academic, professional and information technology support at UCCS.
  • Analyze, apply, and integrate knowledge and skills as they relate to the disciplinary focus of the GPS section.
  • Communicate effectively through writing to receive, comprehend, and convey information.
  • Communicate effectively through a prepared, purposeful individual or group presentation.

GPS Course Requirements - Meeting the GPS Student Learning Outcomes

All GPS courses will include the following components:

  • Ratio of one instructor to fifteen students
  • One full time instructor included in each teaching team
  • Shared syllabus model for all GPS courses
  • Exploration of a disciplinary or interdisciplinary topic
  • Focused, small group time that include activities to optimize faculty and student collaboration
  • Peer Leaders (formerly Junior Teaching Assistants) who serve as mentors
  • At least one writing and one oral communication assignment with developmental supports
  • Activity or discussion based focus on critical and creative thinking
  • Instruction on information literacy and basic college writing skills
  • Emphasis on academic and personal responsibility including the civic, ethical, and social competencies that are required of university students

All GPS 1010/1020 students are REQUIRED to attend Start Up Days (SUDS), Thursday, August 22 and Friday, August 23 from 9:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. This is prior to the start of the regular semester, but counts as class time. After the semester starts, students will meet weekly with their GPS 1010 class for 12 weeks, ending in mid-November. GPS 1010/1020 classes cannot be changed once you have attended your first day of Start Up Days.

GPS 3010, Section 001 also meets for the entire 16 weeks of the semester.

GPS 1010 sections OL1, OL2, OL4, WK1, and 77 do not meet for Start Up Days as they, too, are 16 week semester classes OR they are scheduled as intensive courses.

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