Gateway Program Seminar

Welcome Parents!

Gateway Program Seminar (GPS 1010) at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs helps prepare entering students for an exciting and successful college experience. GPS 1010 is an innovative, three credit, multidisciplinary course that helps students succeed in college by building relationships with faculty and other students, and integrating entering students into the rigor of academic life. It emphasizes weekly assignments; study skills development; writing and speaking exercises; readings and quizzes on the readings; listen to and evaluating lectures and taking notes on the lectures; and discussions in large and small groups on the readings and lectures. The Gateway Program Seminar is a required part of the Compass Curriculum.

Gateway Program Seminar Will Help Students:

  • transition smoothly from high school to college
  • learn what college teachers expect
  • make new friends as soon as classes start
  • explore possible majors
  • sharpen college success skills
  • work closely with faculty
  • learn to use technology to help them be more successful in academic work

Facts about the Gateway Program Seminar:

  • Gateway Program Seminar is a required three-credit course
  • It begins two days early and ends four weeks before the end of the regular semester
  • Guest speakers from across campus and the local community give presentations
  • Junior Teaching Assistants (JTAs) help students both in and out of class
  • Gateway Program Seminar has small sections of about 15 students
  • Field trips and social events are part of the course