Eligibility Requirements

  • Junior in high school going into senior year
  • Be enrolled in a Denver public school
  • Complete Application
  • 250 word essay that describes what you would gain by participating in the Adelina Gomez Scholars Program
  • Turn in application to high school counselor, future center counselor, or principal

Application Instructions

  1. Type all of your answers to the Gomez Application using the electronic application form.
  2. Save your document on your computer as YournameGomezApplication2018 for future use.
  3. Print a copy of your application, attach all of the additional required documents, and complete all signatures.
  4. Turn in the completed application packet by April 20, 2018 to your high school counselor.

Applications Are Available Here!

Adelina Gomez Scholar Checklist

2015 CCNE Response

Application Info

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