Resistance & Rebellion Performance

Resistance and Rebellion: Remember the Past to Carve the Future
Friday, 31 January 2014, 7:00pm
GOCA 1420 | Centennial Hall, Rm. 201

In connection with the 100-year anniversary of the southern Colorado Ludlow Massacre - a watershed moment in American labor relations - Ensemble Peak FreQuency of the UCCS Music Program joins with hardcore americana folk artist Tim Eriksen, the Ormao Dance Company, and acoustic-electro device duo Psychoangelo in a collage performance with an ear towards social justice and political consciousness, connecting the past, present and future through sound, space, song and movement. This concert will include American folk songs and new works by Psychoangelo, enmeshed with Ormao's dance performance, directed and choreographed by Janet Johnson and Mollie Wolf.