BRILLIANT: Artist Spotlight
Peak Frequency Creative Arts Collective, Thin Air Jazz + Front Range Swing Dancers


For BRILLIANT 2013, GOCA has invited Peak FreQuency Creative Arts Collective, connected to the UCCS VAPA Music Program, to curate the live music. GOCA and Peak Frequency have extensively collaborated over the past two years, melding visual art, live music and original sound works to realize brilliant and transformative interdisciplinary experiences in the galleries. 

In this latest collaboration, Peak FreQuency has invited the Thin Air Jazz Ensemble, a regional, world-class ensemble that inhabits a diverse landscape in creative jazz programming and arranging who can also hone in on the most dazzling swing dance repertoire straight from the era. GOCA has invited six Swing and Lindy Hop dancers from Front Range Swing & Blues to dazzle with a truly singular performance for BRILLIANT. You won't want to miss this!

Thin Air Jazz, a highly regarded jazz arts ensemble, is a 12 piece big band made up of the best jazz musicians in the region with origins in the San Francisco-based Collective West Jazz Orchestra. As with the great big bands that have come before it, Thin Air is made up of musicians that are not only excellent ensemble players but also highly decorated jazz soloists. This strength of improvisation and collective musicianship in the band keeps every performance fresh, vital and exciting.

Front Range Swing and Blues is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of vintage, American dance and music. They host a weekly dance on Sunday evenings at the International Dance Club facility where they teach and celebrate vintage dancing such as Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Blues and Soul.

Founded in 2013, it's creators and staff have well over two decades of experience in dancing, teaching, and competing all over the US and around the world.



7:00 pm - midnight