GOCA has commissioned Bright Young Things artist and UCCS alumnus Aaron Graves to create an original installation in our 2,800 square foot gallery space. We invited Ormao Dance Company to collaborate with Graves on an original dance performance - creativity on a BRILLIANT scale.

About Aaron Graves

AARON GRAVES was born and raised in Colorado Springs. He is a photographer and fashion designer and learned both of these arts in his teenage years. Many people in Graves's family were tailors so sewing is in his blood. Graves frequent scanning of fashion magazines for inspiration fueled his interest in photography. After high school he trained as a darkroom lab tech and continued honing his skills on his own work. In 2003 Graves presented his first exhibition and has since been featured in 12 exhibitions. He returned to school in 2006 to work towards his degree in visual art. http://aarongraves.carbonmade.com/ 

About Ormao Dance Company

Ormao Dance Company is a professional modern dance company whose goal is to bring premier, challenging modern dance performance and classes to Colorado Springs and Colorado as a whole.

In the spring of 1990, Jan Johnson organized and created the dynamic Ormao Dance Company in Colorado Springs. Its name (pronounced or-MY-oh) stems from an ancient Greek term signifying "movement with force" and reflects the diversity of the company's contemporary dance repertoire.

Ormao's mission statement is threefold: To provoke, challenge, and entertain those in our community and beyond through the creative language of dance; to encourage diversity and experimentation in the arts and ; to enrich and enhance cultural opportunities within southern Colorado's communities and schools by spear-heading initiatives that bring dance to the public and programs that educate people of all ages.