Wednesday, April 3 | 6:30 pm 

ART&WINE is a signature GOCA program that brilliantly pairs wine with art, with talks on both (and plenty of tasting!). It's no secret that wine and art have a rich history together - join us for a pairing that naturally blends the two.

Gabriel Roddy, certified sommelier, of the Natural Wine Company will select the wines and lead the tasting, featuring wines from DOWNTOWN FINE SPIRITS & WINE. ART&WINE features pairing four wines to the art in the exhibit and tips for selecting (and tasting!) great wines.

Artists from CERAMICA - Corie Cole, Jerry Morris, and Mark Wong - will give artist talks & insights into their process along with curator Daisy McConnell.

These evenings are always popular and limited in size to 30 - reserve your seat at the table today! Event includes a tasting of four wines, non-alcoholic beverages and heavy hors d'oeuvres, art and wine knowledge, and a wonderful guided experience of the CERAMICA: Contemporary Clay exhibit!

Save your seats at the table by registering today. 


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ABOUT The Natural Wine Company:

The Natural Wine Company is Colorado's leading distributor of fine wine made naturally. As Colorado chefs lead the national charge towards local, seasonal, organic cuisine, NWC compliments these efforts by bringing natural wine to the table. We are passionate about wines with integrity and minimal intervention.


6:30 pm