A Walk to Pikes Peak
April 27-29 | Various Times and Locations
Interested in participating? Email uccswalking@gmail.com & read on for more info: 

You are invited to participate in this unique project!  A group of roving learners will walk from UCCS to the top of Pikes Peak over the course of three days. The walk will be punctuated with short lectures or presentations that relate to the places we are walking by. Participants will become artists, educators, and students all at once by offering chances to experience the city in an entirely new way. The project, originally conceived by artist Harrell Fletcher who will attend the hike, is organized by the "Walking, Art, and Place" class, offered through the Visual and Performing Arts and Geography departments at UCCS. This project is sponsored by the Art History Program at UCCS and the UCCS Galleries of Contemporary Art.

Want to join in? We ask that each participant have a short presentation prepared for the group that is in some way about the area that we are walking through. This can be about the plants we are seeing, the history of a particular spot, geology, or birds that we are hearing, personal experiences of a place, stories about a particular business along the route, visions of the future, traffic problems, tourism, poetry relating to a spot on the route, etcetera. We also ask that you document your presentation in some way so that it can be included in future presentations about this project. If you are interested in participating in a segment or coming along for a portion, please contact Eric Steen at uccswalking@gmail.com.

Here is the general route we are taking. We will stray from the path as needed. General timing will be determined as participants join the project.

General Route Information
Day 01
9am - Walk from UCCS through Garden of the Gods to a home in Old Colorado City.
7pm - Presentations from Harrell Fletcher, Eric Steen, and others. 

Day 02
8am - Leave for the Barr Trail, walk through Old Colorado City and Manitou, walk to Barr Camp.
Fifteen spaces are reserved at Barr Camp for members of the walk.

Day 03
TBA - Leave Barr Camp for the top of Pikes Peak.