OCTOBER 29 | 4 - 8 pm | Brewer's Republic | 112 N. Nevada Avenue | $5 entry

Join us as we taste the final four beers from BEERS MADE BY WALKING. $5 entry, flights are free. This event will feature four beers inspired by Mueller State Park, Old Midland Railroad Grade Trail, Catamount Trail and North Cheyenne Canyon; crafted by local homebrewers; brewed by Pikes Peak Brewing; and served by Brewer's Republic. 

Beers Made By Walking is an AWOL project sponsored by Pikes Peak Brewing, Rocky Mountain Brewery, and GOCA. Seven times throughout the summer of 2011 a group of people consisting of Eric Steen (the artist), a Homebrewer, a commercial Brewer, and a Naturalist (who can identify wild plants) went on a hike or walk in the Pikes Peak Region. Hikes were open to the public and their purpose was to identify edible and medicinal plants that could potentially be used in the making of a beer.