600 HIGHWAYMEN / The Fever

Renowned company 600 Highwaymen will workshop - with UCCS students - a piece of theatre that is an amalgam of music, theatre and choreography examining how we assemble, organize and care for our bodies and the bodies around us. The Fever is set to premier in January at the Public Theater's Under the Radar Festival in New York. GOCA is excited to collaborate with the UCCS Theater & Dance program's new Devised Theatre Initiative and New York's Public Theater on this project.

New Horizon: UCCS Visual Art Faculty Exhibit

GOCA 121

This biannual exhibition highlights the work of UCCS Visual Art faculty members, including Matt Barton, Corey Drieth, Marina Eckler, Pauline Foss, Abbey Hepner, Nikki Pike, Stacy Platt, and Claire Rau.

micro/macro | Michael Theodore

Michael Theodore is a composer, sculptor, programmer, educator and inventor who is creating an immersive installation incorporating light, sound and mechanics in our 2,800 square foot campus gallery space.

AWOL: Nicole Banowetz

GOCA 121

Monumental inflatable sculptural installation in the Plaza of the Rockies through Fall 2016. Part of AWOL: Art Without Limits, a program of GOCA which seeks new forums for discussion on art and culture through site specific installations, happenings and non-traditional exhibition spaces.  

GIRL CRUSH: Amber Cobb & Laura Shill

GOCA 121

Amber Cobb and Laura Shill are Denver-based artists whose individual practices include sculpture, installation, performance, drawing, and photographic processes. Invited to create new works for this exhibit, Girl Crush will feature collaborative and solo works in GOCA's downtown gallery space.


GOCA 121

Inspired by retro futuristic fantasies of the past, present, and future, Brilliant explores the intersections of art, fashion, dance, technology and light. The evening engages all the senses, featuring a 5 course culinary art experience, local craft spirit tastings, interactive art, a wearable art live ramp show and multimedia performances. 


GOCA 121

BITUMINOUS explores the history of and issues surrounding coal production and consumption in the western United States through the work of four contemporary artists - Michael Bernhardt, Amelia Carley, William T. Carson, and Carlan Tapp.


X featuring the work of 10 Senior VAPA Majors opening in our campus gallery Friday, April 15, 5-8 pm  
Su Cho, Alexandra Garcia, Yuliya Drakh, Jasmine Dillavou, Ian Alexandrowicz, JD Sell, Lesley Garlan, Tam Mauldin, Elissa Cummings, and Ginger Immenhauser

Inhabiting: Mary Hood & Marilee Salvator

GOCA 121

Inhabiting features two innovative printmakers - Mary Hood and Marilee Salvator - investigating the boundaries of what is possible with the medium.

Map(ing) Project

GOCA 121

Map(ing): Multiple Artists Printing (Indigenous and Native Geographies)

Jenene Nagy: disappear here

Jenene Nagy's site-specific installation disappear here has transformed GOCA's 2,800 square foot campus gallery space through color, optical geometric abstraction and building materials.