GREAT EXPECTATIONS: Marina Eckler & Donald Fodness

Opening Reception: Friday, October 3, 2014, 5 - 9 pm
Artist Talks @ 5 pm
Exhibit Dates: October 3 - November 15, 2014

Marina Eckler and Donald Fodness are emerging contemporary artists from Colorado's Front Range, working in Manitou Springs and Denver respectively. The artists created individual site-specific installations for this exhibit, which refers to an artist's intervention in a specific locale. Working with a wide range of media and employing an arsenal of tactics, Eckler and Fodness each worked in situ over a two-week period to create immersive experiences in our downtown gallery spaces. The title of the exhibit alludes to both the revelatory process of sculptural installation and the nature of emerging artists in the overarching art world.

GOCA supports artists in creation of new works, risk-taking, and experimentation as a core principle of the organization - all of which are highlighted in this exhibit. We invite you to learn about the artists, spend time with their singular visions, and expect great things from both in the future, as well as the present.

Marina Eckler | Artist Statement

My art takes poetic license with text and found objects, making declarations that are both sincere and linguistically complicated. I hope to reinvent language, moving past gendered and class conscious thinking / speaking. While scholars debate about whether we've entered a period of "post-­feminism" or "fourth wave feminism," the art practice of working mothers - my art practice - requires a redefinition of the conditions of making art in the context of a "post­-wave" feminism.

My art practice coexists with (and is gen­erated by) family and work life as a point of strength. This is a liberating flexibility: making art in the flow of life rather than fulfilling the romantic notion of the isolated artist sequestered in his or her studio. It's a practice that follows the literary adage to "write what you know" in conceptual terms. The conditions of my own life, with its myriad demands on my time, have become the immediate source for my art. My drive to work provides important mental wandering; these minutes serve as a pro­visional sketchbook practice that is both meditative and highly focused.

Donald Fodness | Artist Statement

I use seemingly benign, somewhat enticing, imagery to draw 
my audience into a layered and unsettling world of complexities. Among the kitsch and banal I cram the gross, grotesque, obnoxious, and weird. 

I am an opportunistic miner of "the cultural landfills" My imagery is a collision of 
sources, styles, and subjects that operate in an open ended and non linear construction of reality. Like the internet, and a good soap opera, there are numerous inlets and sub-narrative paths that intersect with a network of others. Crawling over, climbing out, hiding within, and digesting its surrounding; my work plays with image glut choc-full of cliche visual puns and deadpan humor. I hope that this humor operates as a coping mechanism and ice-breaker. 

I work with readymade systems and personal narrative as a departure point. These structures provide me some parameters to start finding, hiding, and projecting imagery. I embrace spontaneity and let the work take on its own life remixing the boundaries of the pre-existing source. While I hide personal narratives within the work I am less interested in autobiography, and more so in the viewer recognizing their self within the complexity.

About the Artists:

Marina Eckler is an interdisciplinary artist whose work often involves text and cultural memory. She lives and works in Colorado Springs.Marina Eckler is an interdisciplinary artist whose work often involves text and cultural memory. She studied art at San Francisco State University and received an MFA from Maine College of Art. Her work has been exhibited at the Harwood Museum in Taos, New Mexico, The Gallery of Contemporary Art, Colorado Springs and at The LAB in San Francisco. She lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado with her husband, poet Noel Black and their two children where she teaches art and design at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. She is co-founder of Mountain Fold Books, a nonprofit bookstore for the arts located in Colorado Springs.  http://index.meca.edu/mfa2013/projects/marina-eckler/

Donald Fodness employs a range of strategies to realize his ideas, from intricate drawings to assemblages, frenzied installations and performance pieces. Fodness earned a BA degree in Art History from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and an MFA in Painting from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Since graduating with an MFA in 2010, Fodness has shown at San Juan Street Art, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and at Hunan Province Art Museum in KaiFeng, China, The Biennial of the Americas, and was commissioned to create a site specific installation for the Blink! exhibition at the Denver Art Museum.

In addition to his individual work Fodness collaborates with fellow artist Alvin Gregorio. Working as the Flying O.H.N.O Twins, Gregorio and Fodness showed Shut Your Face Off, a site specific installation, at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. They have participated in Incognito at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, Sightline in the Denver Theatre District, and High Tech, Low Tech and Who Cares at Tugboat Gallery in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Donald Fodness is currently teaching at the University of Denver. He is represented by Plus Gallery. 


Gallery Hours: Wed - Saturday, 12 - 5 pm or by appointment