Image: Dareece J. Walker, "Torn" (2012). Charcoal on Cardboard.

The UCCS Campus Auxiliary Lease Award program was started by Susan Szpyrka, UCCS Vice Chancellor for Auxiliaries and Finance, in 2011. In the Spring of the each year, the UCCS campus gallery plays host to an exhibit of graduating Visual Arts majors. Szpyrka along with each of the campus Auxiliary Team Directors, with assistance from the GOCA Director, select works from this exhibit for extended display on the UCCS campus - each in an Auxiliary Building.

Selected students receive a cash award and are invited to display their work on campus for the upcoming summer and academic year. GOCA staff professionally hangs and labels the work in the selected campus Auxiliary buildings. At the close of the year, the works are returned to the students and a new selection of works goes up in its place. This is a new annual tradition that we hope to continue into the future!

2012-2013 Artists & Locations

Edna Price - Recreation Center - "Death" (2012) -  mixed media sculpture

Perri Rothweiler - Recreation Center - "Journey Beyond Amnesia" (2012) - dirt & plexiglass.

Julia Sauget - Campus Housing - "Cabinets" (2012) - digital photographic prints.

Aaron Smith - Bookstore - "Symbol" (2012) - print on aluminum.
                                          "The Sun" (2012) - print on aluminum.
                                          "Sports Car" (2012) - print on aluminum.

Kyle Smith - Public Safety - "The First Page"  (2012) - oil on canvas.

Jeremiah Stanley - University Center Video - "The Dokimos Project" (2012) - video.

Dareece Walker - University Center Stairwell - "Torn" (2012) - charcoal on cardboard.

2011-2012 Artists & Locations

Melissa Hunting - Campus Housing - "Taste" (2011) - digital photographic prints.

Amber Marchlowska - University Center Lobby - "Untitled" (2010) - mixed media.                    

Clarianne Medina - Public Safety - "Untitled" (2009) - acrylic, paper, cardstock.                                                  

Samantha Rapp - Upper Lodge - "Untitled" (2010) - water-soluble oil on canvas.                                                 

Debra Zelenak - Recreation Center - "Flight" (2010) - steel & cement.

All photos credit to UCCS Gallery of Contemporary Arts.