INFLUENCE features three emeriti and former UCCS Visual Art faculty members: Julia (Hoerner) Lathrop, Dawn Wilde, and Kay Williams Johnson. All three artists are masters in their respective practices, including painting, digital art, printmaking, collage and mixed-media.


GOCA 121

Sparked by discussions about Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and the myriad creative possibilities under the theme of gods and monsters, this thematic exhibit highlights the work of UCCS’ Visual Arts faculty.

AWOL Project: De Lane Bredvik

GOCA 121

De Lane Bredvik's "Waldsterben" installation will be on display in the lobby of the Plaza of the Rockies building.

M12: The Black Hornet

The M12 Collective is known for groundbreaking and award-winning creative projects uniting rural culture and identity with documentary installation and performance.


GOCA 121

Pattie Lee Becker and Suchitra Mattai are Denver-based artists translating experiences of environments on both microscopic and industrial scales through painting, drawing, letterpress and mixed-media works.


GOCA 121

Matt Chmielarczyk | Bill Starr | Andrea Wallace

Auxiliary Art (2012-2013)

Works from the annual Senior Visual Art Majors exhibit are selected for extended display on the UCCS campus in Auxiliaries buildings


The annual Senior Visual Arts Majors Exhibit showcases exciting and innovative art by the graduating seniors in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts.

CERAMICA: Contemporary Clay 2013

GOCA 121

Corie Cole | Del Harrow | Jerry Morris | Elaine K. Ng | Mark Wong

styrobot: nothing comes from nothing

Michael Salter is a self-proclaimed "obsessive observer", sifting through the avalanche of mass media and corporate branding to find poignant, absurd, and baffling pieces which become part of his work.