The Forgiving is new work from F4 Collective that explores play, power, distraction, violence and vulnerability across gender and generation, within and beyond "the family."

Growing from the long-term artistic collaboration between Susan Jowsey and Marcus Williams F4 is a conceptual and structural response to the introduction of children into this partnership. Familial relationships and representations of family have become the focus.

Ideas are developed and cultivated over time with specific attention paid to the prolific creative gestures generated by Jesse and Mercy
in their everyday games. These play out through multiple scenarios, which may be championed by the adults, but always remain the intellectual property of the collective.

The exhibition utilizes the following objects and materials:

Business suits
Boy Scout uniform
Plastic bag
Nail polish
Home made prosthetic
Play dough
Food coloring
Digitally animated homemade toy gun
All the synonyms of forgiving