systematizing: part 1

systematizing explores various forms of systems, including social systems (particularly as they relate to technology and social media), systems and patterns in nature, and systems organically and methodically constructed in specific spaces.

systematizing: part 2

GOCA 121

There are systems all around us. From bureaucracies to weather patterns and routines to computer programming, systems are not only a part of our world, but they help define our place in it.

WILLIAM WYLIE: American Places

GOCA 121

In the exhibition American Places William Wylie focuses on the concept of place.


Hypothesis: Process in Science and Art is a multi-disciplinary exhibit and an experiment highlighting the connections between the scientific and artistic processes.


GOCA 121

4x4 developed out of a series of conversations between four local contemporary art curators.


Point A

This exhibition is the starting point for an ongoing discussion on contemporary art and culture, facilitated by UCCS. We don’t presume to know where these conversations will take us, we simply offer a place to start.


AWOL (various locations)

This is the world premier of the complete Autoteatro Series by Rotozaza, a UK-based performance group. Three works make up the series: ETIQUETTE, GURUGURU and WONDERMART.

MOAN: pleasure and pain

Taking inspiration from a sound that straddles pleasure and pain, Moan features art work in a variety of media by UCCS Visual Art faculty and students as a part of the City Dionysia Festival.

Free Candy

FREE CANDY! is the annual Visual and Performing Arts exhibition highlighting work from 2010 graduating seniors.