The Gallery of Contemporary Art, UCCS presents Mind the Gap: Noticing the Unnoticed opening September 12, 2008.  This exhibition, curated by exiting Gallery Director Christopher Lynn, looks at negative space – the areas surrounding intended focus.

Negative space is often thought of in terms of our two and three-dimensional visual world.  The landscape rendered behind the figure in a portrait or the empty air between the legs of a bronze statue can be seen as negative space, whereas the figure and the bronze statue are seen as positive space.  The gaps of negative space are not areas that we are intended to observe at a highly conscious level, but are to remain in the background and unnoticed.  However, these interstitial spaces are what help define their companion positive space by interrupting the continuity of the positive space.

Mind the Gap seeks to extend the reach of negative space to consider time and concept as well as the visual.  The artists in the exhibition deal with pauses in dialogue rather than the words spoken, small aberrations in architecture rather than the building’s looming facade, or a vacant lot rather than the occupied store next door. The artists take the background and make it the foreground.  By pointing out what is typically unnoticed, we are encouraged to re-examine our world and look around the obvious to the other parts that make up our existence: the gaps.

“This exhibition brings together some tremendous talent and intellectual rigor to Colorado Springs,” says departing Director Christopher Lynn.  “The various practices of the artists will allow a number of entry points to an idea that most people don’t even notice by definition: the unnoticed.”

Participating artists have been gathered from around the globe: Jared Lindsay Clark (Brooklyn), Jennifer Danos (Minneapolis), e-Xplo (Berlin, New York), John Pilson (New York), Sarah Ross (Bloomington, IL), and Doron Solomons (Tel Aviv).

Exhibition artist, John Pilson, will be showing work from a series entitled Interregna, a term which means the interim between the reigns of rulers.  The Gallery of Contemporary Art itself is experiencing an interregnum with the departure of its Director, Christopher Lynn.  The exhibition’s opening reception will introduce the Gallery’s new Interim Director, Caitlin Green, who takes the helm after Christopher Lynn’s exit.