June 1 - July 7, 2018 | GOCA, downtown Colorado Springs
August 4 - 28, 2018 | Durden and Ray Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles 

Artists: Theresa Anderson, Carl Berg, Jorin Bossen, Gul Cagin,  Amber Cobb, Sijia Chen, Dani Dodge, Lana Duong, Tobias Fike, Ian Fisher, Donald Fodness, Ed Gomez, Matthew Harris, Ben Jackel, Brian Thomas Jones, David Leapman, Alanna Marcelletti, Max Presneill, David Spanbock, Laura Shill, Derrick Velasquez, Summer Ventis, Ashley Williams, & Xi Zhang. 

About the exhibition | Collectivity investigates points of connection between artists from two international artist collectives based out of the Western United States - Hyperlink (Colorado) and Durden & Ray (Los Angeles) in concurrent exhibits across two states. It features two exhibitions - the first opens in downtown Colorado Springs on June 1, the second opens in downtown Los Angeles on July 7. 

Collaboratively curated by UCCS Galleries of Contemporary Art Director Daisy McGowan and Durden & Ray artists Lana Duong and David Spanbock.

Collectivity explores intersections and connections between 24 artists (12 from each collective - 12 artists total in each exhibition). Each exhibit location will include "mini-installations" of two to three artists, as well as a collaborative, monumental, and site-specific installation at the Colorado Springs site.  Artists are forging new models for the art worlds they want to inhabit and making them reality by working together -collectively - with other artists. Artist collectives are as varied in their scope as are the individual artists who band together to launch, grow, and sustain them across the globe.  Collectives take a "yes, and..." approach to the art world, and in so doing amplify the possibilities for their work to connect with a broad and diverse audience. In similar spirit, the curators of this exhibit are open to the possibilities of collaborative, non-hierarchical curation and experimentation and aim to build connections to new audiences through the two exhibitions. By manifesting exhibits and projects on the periphery of the traditional art world, these artists embody the Western ethos of blazing your own path and defining art world success in new ways.

www.hyper-link.org // www.durdenandray.com


Friday, June 1, 5 - 9 pm // Saturday, June 2, 1-6 pm // Friday, July 6, 5 - pm // Saturday, July 7, 1-6 pm

or by appointment - call 719.255.3504 to schedule