UCCS Senior Exhibition at GOCA downtown

April 20 - May 12, 2018

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, April 20, 5 - 9 pm 

The annual Senior Visual Art (VAPA) Majors exhibition, Double Tap features the unique works of ten senior VAPA students: Natalia Angulo, Kristine Henrich, Troy Hobbs, Jansen Howard, EB Jauer, Henry Knauer, Angela Sparks, Bethany Tindell, and Nick Zimmer. This is the 12th iteration of the Senior VAPA Majors art exhibition at GOCA -- and the first time that it will be held at GOCA Downtown. Come support these aspiring artists, enjoy their intriguing expressions utilizing a variety of media, and expand your horizons.

Double Tap is a reference to social media that is simultaneously emotive and personal and yet pushed by the desire for recognition and the power of initial reaction.  The artists in this exhibit are working together to orchestrate nearly every aspect of the exhibition, from curation, to lighting to layout, installation and deinstallation, marketing and PR, organizing the opening reception and gallery attending during open hours. 

An opening event will be held on Friday, April 20, 5 - 9 PM - the exhibition and all events are open and free to the public.

Double Tap is on display through May 12, 2018, and will also be featured in Downtown Colorado Springs' First Friday art event on May 4, 2018 from 5-8pm. Gallery hours are Thursday - Saturday, 1 - 6 PM or by appointment

Natalia Angulo

Natalia Angulo, Letters, Wood, acrylic, bell jar, 8 x 8 x 12", 2017

Natalia Angulo   With my work, I wish to portray a theme of time and memory, primarily through the concept of distance. Mostly focusing on repetition through written word, which is something that has been lost with the advent of modern technology, my work reflects on a "naive" almost "paper doll" like theme. I have come to notice how cold texting and communicating through a cell phone or computer can be, but how real the conversations are to those individual. Taking texts from a long-distance relationship and hand writing them on a flat plane with minimal color, I want to reflect on the internal dialect that I have with the people I can no longer hear or see in person. Hand written words and phrases create a fluid, organic, life-like, aesthetic to mundane conversations that we would overlook in our world of convenient conversations. Each phrase, paragraph, and word have a significance to those they are directed to and that is what I wish to show through my work.  

ABOUT | Natalia Angulo was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Her mother was a portrait artist who studied graphic design and both helped inspire and push her to explore art as a career. Animated films, primarily Disney films produced in Disney's renaissance phase, inspired her to focus on cartooning as her focus. As a young girl she earned several scholarships to Bemus Art School where she learned several skills with different mediums such as ink, watercolor, oil, and Acrylic. She attended James Irwin Charter which prided itself in science and literature, and naturally ended up as the only student in her AP art class. She was very involved in the art department often drawing large murals on the wall outside of the single art room to draw attention and bring in interest. During her high school career, she showed in two art shows which helped her better associate with local artists in the Colorado art community. Growing up in a Military town, it's not uncommon to have connections with those who serve, and in turn, dealing with deployments and long distance.

Kristine Henrich

Kristine Henrich, Memory Storehouse, Plaster and wood, Dimensions vary, 2018  

Kristine Henrich   My work is rooted in memory. My memory starts with the physical characteristics, mannerisms, and intimate moments I have shared with deceased loved ones in my family. They have manifested themselves into untouchable, quiet, and reverent representations. Through repetition and tactility I present an archive of memories, an obsession over absence and loss, and an urgency to preserve. I investigate the construction of memory, its tendency to be faulty and unreliable. I handle my work delicately, viewing my memories through a thin veil of time.  

This body of work is in memory of my father and his role as a provider. I use the casting properties of plaster to capture the impressions of his tools as fossils archived in a tomb-like space, a catacumbal formation, a cold, musty mortuary. The impressions float in a watery, liminal space blurred between existing within the walls and the reality beyond. Through repetition and texture, I grasp with an urgency to preserve the memories together searching for any connections by using the objects he was close to as mediators and translators. Using tactility I have created a tangible storehouse, a repository, and a reliquary containing him in my memory.  

ABOUT | Kristine Henrich was born in 1996 in Westcliffe Colorado. She is currently attending the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. She has been included in various important exhibitions including The Virginia Biennial at Richmond, Virginia and Colorado Beauty at The Heller Center for Arts and Humanities in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This year she will participate in painting a mural at The Millibo Art Theater in downtown Colorado Springs. Upcoming shows include AHA Showcase at The Heller Center for Arts and Humanities. She currently lives and works in Colorado Springs, Colorado.     

Troy Hobbs

Troy Hobbs, Memento Mori, Ink on paper, 25 x 29", 2016  

Troy Hobbs |  Through the exploration of narrative, I create shared experiences on paper by way of ink, paint, and poetic phrases in order to examine identity. As a result, I explore personal narrative and experiences in order to further understand what it means to exist without a greater purpose. While these drawings initially seem simple, they are far more than basic line drawings. I draw upon life and aim to share these stories with my viewers. Often working from the poetic phrases I use to summarize an event, I illustrate the piece in a subtle manner leaving an eerie and often enigmatic composition behind. While each intimate piece has a specific and intense story behind it, the exact meaning is left open to speculation so that the piece may begin to create both vicarious and personalized narratives for the audience to explore.  

ABOUT | Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Troy Hobbs first became interested in art by way of tattoo and lowbrow art such as cartoons, comics, and illustrations. Troy Hobbs remains rooted and interested in these subcultures and continues to work in them commercially alongside his fine art practice, while earning his Bachelor's Degree in Visual Art.    

Jansen Howard 

Jansen Howard, Baggage, Adobe brick, twine and plaster, Dimensions vary, 2017  

Jansen Howard | Christian Boltanksi once stated "I believe that at the beginning of the life of every artist there is some kind of trauma. We have a problem and all of our life we try to speak about this problem." My art is a window, creating a conduit which allows me to view the deepest, otherwise unattainable parts of myself. As a result, this body of work is the tangible product of a cathartic, intuitive journey encompassing both healing and a persistent desire to reclaim my past and ultimately meet myself. It is an expression of self-awareness, only realized through the process of artistic creation itself. The power to create breathes the power to discover, but discovery only really occurs after the creation is complete. This is my intuitive process, and the place in which this body of work resides. I choose materials that are unconventional, because the materials to which I am attracted, and with which I am unfamiliar, ultimately hold the power to shape my process.  Trauma has the power to hide itself in the depths of the soul, and these works have the power to bring it to the surface in a freeing, liberating act. It is about the process, and in this, the result is the revelation.  

ABOUT | Jansen Howard is a Colorado native, living and working in Colorado Springs, and is currently completing her undergraduate degree through University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in Visual Art. Although emphasizing in sculpture and installation, she enjoys working in two-dimensional formats as well. Jansen has exhibited her work in numerous group shows and has completed several volunteer community projects. Jansen created a public sculpture, Synchronicity, for the University Village Shopping Center in Colorado Springs.    

EB Jauer

EB Jauer, Consanguinity, Alabaster, 10 x 10 x 7", 2017  

EB Jauer  |  I am obsessed with color and my work is often inspired by materials. I have always had a fixation with rocks. These two aspects add up to a love for stone carving. I am seeking to keep a very old technique alive in the contemporary world. An ancient art and timeless way of immortalizing history, it also showcases the beauty of a stone that took the earth from thousands to millions of years to create.   The act of taking away stone slowly when sculpting enables me to visualize the next moves to end up with my desired result. It requires patience and an attention to detail. Taking a rough, ugly rock and seeing the progress as it is slowly transformed into something beautiful is tremendously rewarding.   I also work with metal, wood, paper and found objects. I thrive on fabricating or building pieces, which is why I love working three dimensionally. With my work, I strive to give delicate materials substance and weight and convert solid materials into refined and graceful forms with movement.  

ABOUT | EB Jauer was born into an Air Force family that afforded her the unique opportunity to grow up in Greece, Germany and South Carolina. She has had a passion and aptitude for art from a very young age. After relocating to Colorado, she enrolled in community college. While there she won several awards for her jewelry. One of her stone pieces was awarded "Gallery Director's Choice" and displayed in Denver in a show for the Best of the Best of all Colorado Community Colleges. Since transferring to the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, she was awarded a student grant that provided her with the opportunity to fabricate a permanent sculpture, Between the Stars, installed at the University Village Center. She is currently finishing her Bachelors of Visual Arts and plans to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts.  

Henry Knauer

Henry Knauer, Violet, Summer, Inkjet Print, 11.7 x 16.5", 2017  

Henry Knauer   Adolescence documents and explores the identity of my four younger sisters through photographic portraits over the course of two years. Throughout this project my sisters, Violet, Roxy, Grace, and Lily navigate through the process of growing up and shaping an identity. Building a narrative through my documentation, I attempt to capture their unavoidable loss of childhood. From the perspective of an older brother, my work explores not only these everyday tragedies and triumphs but also themes of domestic life and family dynamics.   

ABOUT | Henry Knauer creates a photographic documentation of the world around him, capturing ideas of domesticity, identity, and the mundane. While documenting through his own eyes initially, his work speaks to a larger audience through common experiences and allowing viewers to look in on closed doors. Knauer builds a narrative of domestic life and intimate experiences, allowing the viewer to step into an unfamiliar setting with the security of familiarity. Working primarily with the documentation of unplanned moments in time, the nature of Knauer's work is fleeting, while still speaking to underlying often more universal themes. Documenting the ins and outs of the world he is a part of, Knauer presents the audience with domestic intimacy and familiar experiences through photography.       

Angela Sparks

Angela Sparks, Stop, Acrylic on silver print, 8 x 10", 2018  

Angela Sparks   I work with light and color to sculpt my images. I use a variety of materials and mediums. I experiment with the way various media mix and meld together, often creating interesting and unexpected results. In some of my work I include natural elements from the real world for an added mixed media effect as well as an element of realism and relatability.   I have been creating art on and off as a small child and found it to be one of the few methods in which I was able to find my voice. Much of my inspiration comes from childhood trauma, loss, and abandonment which I have focused into the positive lessons I have learned from negative experiences. Other works come from dream imagery and visionary experiences I have had. I explore the relationship between light and shadow, pain and beauty, insecurity and faith, life and decay. I like to explore the interconnectedness of all things, no matter how large or seemingly small.  

ABOUT | Angela Sparks was born in Aurora, Colorado and moved to California where she lived for most of her life, attending Humboldt State University. After the birth of her daughter, she went back to college and completed an AS in Early Childhood Development. In 2010, she moved back to Colorado where she has been raising her daughter as a single mother. She returned to college to finalize her Visual Arts Bachelor's Degree in 2016 and is estimated to complete her degree in May of 2018. She intends to pursue a career in Art Therapy.  

Bethany Tindell  

Bethany Tindell, SO2 ,(Martin Drake Power Plant), Pigment print and etched acrylic on Baltic birch, 2018   

Bethany Tindell   Invisible is a project meant to confront environmental health in relation to human or natural caused elements and chemical compounds that are unseen to the human eye. Sulphur dioxide from burning coal, radioactive elements like radon, or perfluorochemicals (PFCs) in contaminated ground water exist in our surroundings. The use of photography and non-traditional media provides multiple layers of visual communication highlighting specific environments in Colorado Springs. This project is both documentary and altered to provide information and promote an emotion of unease to the viewer. By making the invisible visible, an awareness of our surroundings is given as a catalyst to environmental awareness and the desire to change the current social construct.  

ABOUT | Bethany Tindell is a photographer and multimedia artist, a mother, a hiker, an amateur scientist, and an avid reader. She is activated to create when she is in search of how the world is, appears to be, or has the possibility to become. When she's not writing about herself in the third person, you can find her constructing portraits, the urban and natural landscape, and detailed close-ups of all things mechanical through her lens. Bethany lives in Colorado Springs with an Associate of Arts Degree from Pikes Peak Community College and is completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.  

Nick Zimmer

Nick Zimmer, Worried Mother, Graphite drawing and foil print, 11x17", 2017   Nick Zimmer   My subject matter is humanity, whether it is as specific as social issues or as general as society as a whole. I use inks, watercolor, and digital media, to portray our world in a way that people can see it for what it is --- unreal, some false reality that is constructed by ignorance and selfishness. The goal of my work to let the viewer know we are not alone, our mark on the world is as permanent as the ink on the paper, and we are running out of room of the page.  

ABOUT | Nick Zimmer is a visual artist, illustrator and cartoonist who was born in the mid 90's in Pueblo West, Colorado. He was brought up in a middle class household being the last of three children and found himself often times in solitude and feeling out of place. Being brought up in an age of amazing cartoons and comics, Nick used this as an escape and did not feel so alone anymore. Realizing from a young age, Nick saw the power and messages that are able to be depicted within the formats of graphic novels, comics, and illustrations; he knew this is where he could be comfortable expressing himself. Nick has been showing his work around Colorado Springs and is an active member of the UCCS Art History and Art Club. His work has been shown at The Modbo Art Gallery and S.P.Q.R. Experimental Art Space, with an upcoming show at GOCA Downtown. Nick also has murals on view at The Perk Downtown Coffee and Tea House and at the Millibo Art Theatre.  


Opening Reception: 5-9 pm
Awards: 6 pm

Gallery hours are Thursday - Saturday, 1 - 6 PM or by appointment