ICONOCLASM  | Dec 1, 2017 - Mar 17, 2018

Corey Drieth & Jonathan Dankenbring


Colorado-based artists Jonathan Dankenbring and Corey Drieth will  exhibit new works in sculpture, drawing and mixed-media, exploring the concept of iconoclasm - a rejection of images and iconography - and minimalism. The exhibition's genesis was a conversation between the artists; their dialogue continues and is explored through the exhibition and an accompanying broadside publication.   

Minimalist art is marked by an avoidance of overt symbolism and emotional content, instead calling attention to the materiality of the works through a limited palette and simple media. This art movement emerged in the early 1960s and applied to a wide range of artists who were overtly rejecting the energy-filled and emotionally charged art of the Abstract Expressionist movement. Artists such as Frank Stella, Robert Irwin, Agnes Martin, and Donald Judd questioned the reality of painting and sculpture as they rejected the very labels applied to them. At its core, Minimalism asserts that art should have its own reality and not be an imitation of some other thing.

About the Artists

Jonathan Dankenbring's studio practice focuses on ideological information buried within culturally significant objects. His approach to image making is informed by an interest in anthropological methodologies and specifically how iconography is used for political power.  

Dankenbring grew up in Kansas City and attended the Kansas City Art Institute, graduating in 2004 with a BFA in Painting. In 2006, he continued his studies at Indiana University, earning an MFA in Sculpture in 2009. During his time at IU, Jonathan taught courses in Drawing and 3-D Design. In 2015 he moved to Colorado Springs. He has taught 2-D Fundamentals at UCCS and is currently the Preparator at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College. He is represented by exhibitions 2d in Marfa, Texas. His work is included in private collections and exhibited in galleries throughout the nation.     

Corey Drieth seeks to create a personal iconography to share with others through "lyrically poetic objects" that evoke "deep intimacy and mystery". Drieth's paintings and drawings are inspired by pacifist spiritual traditions including Zen Buddhism and Quaker Christianity that place importance on self-reflection, self-control and expression of the divine in the everyday.  Corey Drieth employs reductive materials - wood, gouache, gesso, and varnish - in his painting, inviting dialogue with viewers around the materiality of the work that is honest and contemplative.

Drieth was born and raised in Northern Colorado. He attended Colorado State University in Fort Collins where he received undergraduate degrees in Philosophy/Comparative Religious Studies and Studio Art.  After serving as the Critic and Artist Residency Series (CAARS) coordinator for CSU's Hatton Gallery, he attended graduate school at the University of North Carolina and received an MFA with a thesis in Drawing/Painting in 2004.   Before joining the Visual and Performing Arts Department at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs in August 2007, Drieth taught studio art classes at CSU, the University of North Carolina and the University of Virginia.  His work has been exhibited throughout the country, including San Francisco, Chicago, Albuquerque, New Orleans, Washington DC and New York City.