Image: Artists & UCCS Faculty - 2003 Biennial Art Faculty Exhibition

Art Submissions:

Artists and/or their agents interested in exhibition opportunities with the UCCS Galleries of Contemporary Art should send an email with link to a website (preferred method) or include images (do not exceed 9 MB total size). Artists and/or their agents are asked not to send unsolicited materials through the mail. Due to the volume of unsolicited materials received, GOCA is not able to return materials.
Email: gallery@uccs.edu

About Exhibition Selection:

Exhibitions are curated by GOCA Director & Chief Curator Daisy McGowan. Currently GOCA exhibits are planned three years in advance - space is limited and programming is evaluated as it relates to GOCA's mission

Program review is conducted by ad hoc committees comprised of university faculty, curators, administrators, artists and students (appointed by the GOCA Director) and advise on GOCA exhibitions and programs and offer input on relevance to both the regional and greater art world, depth of scholarship, and diversity of programs. 

Artists interested in submitting proposals are advised to familiarize themselves with past GOCA exhibitions and programs to gain understanding of GOCA's programmatic philosophy, aesthetic, and recurring thematic interests.