Faculty & Staff Challenge

UCCS Faculty & Staff Challenge

The UCCS Faculty & Staff Challenge

As UCCS faculty and staff, you possess immense knowledge, real-world experience, passion and purpose, which enhances student learning. And that is why you are essential to the success of UCCS! This spring, you can join efforts to advance student opportunities even further by contributing to our philanthropic campaign during the Faculty and Staff Challenge.

You Can Help: The UCCS Faculty and Staff Challenge is a friendly spring semester competition allowing all of us to join in our philanthropic campaign. When you contribute a gift, you invest in our talent, opportunity and community, our three campaign priorities. Together we can support more learning, innovation and growth for UCCS.

How the Challenge WorksThe campus will be divided into ten groups based on colleges and units. The group with the highest percentage of total employees to make a one-time or payroll deduction gift during the designated time period will receive a party in the fall.

To take action or learn more, browse our FAQ section below, or learn about payroll deduction, one-time gifts and planned giving below. 

Why We Give

Allen Schoffstall
Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry Department
"Working with UCCS students leaves a clear impression of how hard students work inside and outside the classroom to complete their degree programs. When you look into the eyes of a student who is going to benefit from your donation, it inspires you to want to help."
Sabrina Wienholtz
Director of Student Clubs, Organizations and Leadership
"I give because a UCCS education is transformational. As a long-time staff member and alumna, I feel a responsibility to give back to my community as well as provide access and opportunity to others. Even a small gift can make a difference in the lives of our students and their families."

Frequently Asked Questions


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What gifts count towards the campaign challenge?
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What is an endowment fund?
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What if I am already contributing a monthly payroll deduction gift?
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What are the ten challenge segments?
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Who is eligible?
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When does the Faculty & Staff Challenge end?
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How can I make a gift?
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